Recording at Damp Studio


From studio mixing to location recording. See what makes The Damp Studios, Neuchâtel, perfect for whatever you need. And if you need something you cannot see below, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Come and record in the unique environment here at The Damp Studio. Our state of the art AMS-Neve Genesys Black console allows our engineers to really get the best out of your sound. The Damp Studio are proud to offer one of just a handful of commercially available AMS-Neve Genesys Black consoles in Switzerland.

At our recording studio you can keep the musicians and their engineer together in the perfectly quiet control area and live space. We feel that this leads to a far more relaxed, productive and effective recording environment. And when those intimate moments need capturing, simply step into one of our two isolation booths to record in a sound-proof, acoustically treated space, and keep eye contact with your fellow musicians and engineer through our windows.

The Damp Studio is built to be as flexible as possible, and to offer many recording solutions. Our large live area can comfortably hold a number of musicians, including the drummer, to really give you that feeling of playing live whilst getting a clean and clear sound.

Our superb recording path ensures that your sound is captured with nothing less than pristine clarity. The Damp Studio offers you a fantastic selection of microphones, including Neumann, AKG, Royer, Shure as well as, Summit preamp, Neve 1073, Focusrite red and ISO and API 3124