Our Gear at Damp Studio

The very best equipment

At The Damp Studio, nothing is more important to us than ensuring we offer our clients the best equipment, in the best condition, with the best people to work it. Take a look through our equipment list and you will see why our recording studio gets great results. It is our aim to make sure that our studio gear is constantly assessed and improved upon, and we are confident that we provide you with only the best outboard, software, microphones and monitors.

The Damp Studio signal path, from our fantastic selection of microphones, through the best pre-amps, to the best Pro Tools rig available, all through our brilliant AMS-Neve Genesys Black 32 channels mixing console, gives our Neuchâtel recording studio sublime recordings, and a fantastic end result.

Analogue mixing desk Neve VR 60

We are lucky enough to offer the only commercially available AMS-Neve Genesys Black 32 channels in Switzerland.

With its unmistakable AMS-Neve qualities of exquisite design, peerless craftsmanship and legendary Neve sound, the Genesys Black continues the Neve bloodline of analogue consoles with a remarkable advance on anything heard before. The AMS-Neve Genesys Black has set new standards as the ultimate analogue console and has become the signature of excellence for the world’s premier engineers, producers and studios.

Professionals throughout the world have chosen the full, clean sound of the Genesys Black console. Its high bandwidth pure audio path, superior dynamics, greater dynamic range and greater control make the Genesys Black the first choice for recording and mixing the purest high fidelity recordings.

Record, produce, and inspire with this state of the art recording console!

The magic of the Neve analogue Sound Console


Mic Pre/EQs: 16 1073 – Compressors: 16 – Aux Sends: 4 mono + 2 Stereo – Groups:8 – AD-DA Converter Madi + AES + Firewire

Audio Recording

Pro Tools HDX provides ultimate power, highest audio quality, and easier ways to record, edit, and mix the most demanding productions. Get more tracks, more headroom, and up to 5x more dedicated DSP power to tackle even the most massive music and post-production projects with the confidence that comes with guaranteed performance.

– Pro Tools HDX  256 tracks running on Apple Mac Pro 2.8 quad core with OSX 10.8.5

– 1 x DAD AX32   64 In Out Madi 8 analogue In – 8 analogue Out

– Pro Tools HD Midi I/O

Mic Preamps

– Summit Audio Dual Tube Preamp TPA-200B

– API 3124 Preamp

– Focusrite Dual Mono Micpreamp & Equalizer ISA 215

– Focusrite Dual Mono Red 8


– Summit Audio Stereo Tube DCL-200 Comp/Limiter

– Manley Variable-MU Stereo Comp/Limiter

– API 2500 Comp

– 2 x Focusrite ISA-131 Comp/limiter, de-esser, gate/exp, mid EQ/hi-lo filter

– 4 x Valley People TR804 Gainbrain Comp/Limiter + 4x Valley People TR804 Kepex II GatesRupert

– AMEK Dual Compressor/Limiter

– Focusrite Red 3 Dual Compressor Limiter

– 2 x Teletronix LA2A

– PrismSound Maselec Master Series MLA-2

– Innertube Audio Atomic Squeeze Box

– UAD Classics 1176-LN Comp/Limiter

Effect Processor

– Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer DSP-4000

– Eventide Harmonizer Orville

– TC-Electronic Multi-Effect TC6000 Mastering and Reverb Module + 3 Analog In

– TC-Electronic Multi-Effect Fireworx

– Lexicon PCM-70

– Lexicon 224Lexicon 480XL v4.3

– Electrix Filter Factory

– Ensoniq DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor


– Medici by Amek « The Equalizer » by Rupert Neve

– Summit Audio Full Range EQ EQF-100

– Focusrite Dual EQ Red 2

– TANNOY 215-D Main monitors powered by BRYSTON ST-Series

– PSI A25-M

– PSI A 225-M Subwoofers

– Genelec 6010A

– Genelec 8020B2x


– Avatone Mix Cubes


– Neumann 2 x M149, 2x KM 84,2 x KM 88, U87A, U87

– Sennheizer MD-441 M, 3 x MD-421, Black Fire 509

– Shure BETA 52, 3 x BETA 56, BETA 57, 4 x  SM 57, 2 x KSM 313 Ribbon, KSM 141 Stereo Pair, 2 x KSM 32

– 2 x Royers R-121 Ribbon

– 4 x AKG D222, C 460 B,  D 190 ES

– Milab VM-44

– Audio Technica ATM11, Audio Technica ATM25

– ElectroVoice RE20

– Blue The Blueberry2x

– Rode Classic

– DI – 4 x Groove Tubes ST-1, 4 x GT DT-1 DI, CB-1 DI

– Protools HD 10 and HD 11

– Wave Platinum

– Softube, Summit Audio Grand Channel, Tube-Tech Classic Channel, Passive-Active Pack, Trident A-Range, Tonlux Tilt, Tube Delay, TSAR reverb, Bass Amp.

– Slate Digital, VTM, VCC, VBC, FG-X.

– Virtual Synth. ReFX Nexus 2, Reactor.

– UAD, Ocean Way Studio Reverb, EMT 140, Dreamverb Room, Neve 1073 Preamp EQ, Pultec Passive EQ, Neve 88RS, Manley Massive Passive, Neve 1081,  Ampex ATR-102, Studer A800, Fairchild Tube Limiter,

– And many many more…