Mixing at Damp Studio


From studio mixing to location recording. See what makes The Damp Studios, Neuchâtel, perfect for whatever you need. And if you need something you cannot see below, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Here at Damp Studios, we understand that mixing can be a long, difficult process without the necessary skills, experience and equipment. Rest assured then, that our engineers have all the expertise and proficiency needed to make your recordings sound balanced and professional.

Mixing on our AMS-Neve Genesys Black 32 channels mixing desk is an absolute pleasure, due to the extremely well thought out layout, routing and grounding. In conjunction with our PSI speakers and subwoofers, Genelec speakers and the classic Yamaha NS-10s for a reference, The Damp Studio offers you a fantastic mixing space.

Chief mix engineer Pascal Brunko can offer the highest standards with all the benefits of big-studio production including the best analogue and digital equipment, analogue summing for that big-desk sound. Having such a range of professional monitoring allows us to truly hear how our mixes will translate between systems ensuring that you will come away with a totally professional product.

The Damp Studio control room is an immaculately clear and transparent environment for mixing in. Walls are acoustically treated to absorb reverberating sound, and are thoughtfully designed so that there are as few parallel surfaces as possible. As such the room retains a great neutrality to it, with the prevention of unwanted reflections and deceptive standing waves.