The Damp Studio – Recording Studio Switzerland

This recording studio in Neuchâtel has a creative and professional recording environment and boasts a range of state of the art equipment. It’s relaxed setting and efficient environment is located in St-Blaise east Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The Damp Studio is bespoke built and is a highly flexible studio able to cater for a whole host of recording, mixing, engineering and mastering requirements.

Our recording studios offer one of the most outstanding recording consoles available in the world, the Neve Genesys Black 32 channels.

Our services include production, recording, mixing and mastering of commercial music, song-writing as well as music composition publicity.

Our clients

From record companies to solo artists

Our clients are many and varied, including record companies, artists, music producers and record producers, songwriters, session engineers, mix engineers, mastering engineers, session musicians, session singers, voice directors or voice-over artistes.

New clients are always welcome.